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Sports and Event Ticket Management System
What departments use ticketOS
What departments use TicketOS?

Our clients have success with TicketOS in various departments, including Sales, Marketing, Finance and Compliance, IT Program Management, and Human Resources (Employee and Customer Rewards). We tailor our application to suit each client’s specific needs, enabling them to maximize the value of their ticket assets and entertainment programs across multiple facets of their organization.

TicketOS offers numerous benefits to enhance ticket and event management, including:
  • Minimizing workload, errors, and friction for Ticket Program Managers
  • Handling the complete event and ticket lifecycle
  • Integrating invoices and seat licenses directly into the application
  • Allocating tickets by department, role, or region for optimal assignment
  • Monitoring usage and requests with comprehensive reporting tools
  • Managing ad-hoc entertainment expenses through a dedicated purchase order system
  • Implementing custom rules and attributes for accurate expense tracking
  • Tracking food and beverage expenses using specialized catering tools
  • Improving overall operational efficiency and user experience in ticket management
How many tickets do we need to manage to benefit from ticket management software? +
TicketOS is designed to assist organizations of all sizes, with no minimum or maximum ticket requirement. Our software streamlines ticket management processes, uncovers ROI, simplifies distribution and allocation, and enhances utilization, regardless of your company's scale. Whether managing a single suite with 16 tickets at a venue or overseeing hundreds of suites and season tickets, TicketOS ensures efficient ticket management and informed decision-making for businesses of any size.
Does TicketOS integrate with the applications our business uses? +
TicketOS can integrate with an array of third-party applications, enhancing the overall ticket management experience. It can connect with popular tools such as Concur for expense management, Salesforce and other CRM systems for customer relationship management, Microsoft products for productivity and collaboration, and various data visualization tools to provide comprehensive insights. This extensive integration capability ensures users can streamline processes and make data-driven decisions while maintaining a centralized platform, amplifying the value of their ticket management endeavors.
How does TicketOS help finance and compliance teams prove ROI? +
TicketOS assists finance and compliance teams in proving ROI by providing comprehensive reporting and analytics tools that track ticket usage, costs, and value generated. The platform captures relevant data, including ticket allocations, entertainment expenses, and attendee information, which helps quantify the impact of events on business objectives. By offering detailed insights into ticket utilization and its correlation with key performance indicators, TicketOS enables finance and compliance teams to effectively assess the return on investment, justify ticket-related expenses, and ensure compliance with company policies and regulations.
How can sales and marketing teams benefit from TicketOS software? +
TicketOS offers various benefits to sales and marketing teams. By streamlining ticket allocation and management, it enhances client engagement and retention. The platform's reporting tools help target marketing efforts effectively, while sales teams can leverage entertainment assets to drive revenue growth. Automated processes reduce time spent on administrative tasks, allowing teams to focus on core activities. TicketOS promotes cross-department collaboration, ensuring alignment on objectives and strategies, and maintains compliance and transparency throughout the ticket allocation process. Overall, TicketOS optimizes entertainment assets and fosters stronger client relationships, contributing to better business results.
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