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Who Uses TicketOS Ticket Management Software?

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Here’s how our customers are succeeding with TicketOS ticket management software!

A ticket program manager using a ticket management software
Ticket Program Managers
Implementing and running a company ticket program is challenging. Often those put in charge have other, more significant responsibilities within the company.
TicketOS can ease that burden with ticket management software and services tailored to your company’s needs. Our suite of tools allow you to manage every step of the event and ticket life cycle. Add tickets to inventory, assign tickets to employees, track requests, fulfill and deliver orders, and report on all aspects of your program.
The intuitive user interface makes completing day-to-day tasks easy. Built-in automation reduces the overall workload. Setup is quick and our staff will listen and guide you along the way
Illustration of a sales and marketing team discussing a ticket management software
Sales and Marketing Teams
Too often, tickets are something of an afterthought when it comes to attracting and retaining business. Some employees see them as personal perks for entertaining friends and relatives. Others have no clear understanding of how to use them to generate sales.
TicketOS solves these problems. Tickets can be assigned to employees or groups for specific purposes. Rules can be put in place to ensure that tickets are indeed used for those purposes.
Most importantly, data can be collected on the use of tickets to inform future decisions. See which guests have been invited and who has actually attended. Track the value of those tickets to aide in determining ROI.
Illustration of a finance and compliance officer seeing the benefits of ticket management software
Finance and Compliance Teams
TicketOS has all the tools to capture the entirety of your ticket program expenses.
Record invoices and seat licenses directly within the TicketOS ticket management software to ensure accurate ticket valuation. Capture spend on ad-hoc buys with our purchase order system. Log all food and beverage costs for luxury suites with our catering tools. For compliance, configure custom rules and fields to ensure tickets are expensed properly.
After the event, our complete reporting capabilities provide the data you need to make informed decisions. Use our standard reports and charts to report on spend and utilization. Fine-tune your queries with our custom report tool to get exactly and only the data you need.
An illustration of a basketball player, just one of the events ticket management software can gain you
Promoters, Teams and Venues
TicketOS helps primary ticket sources like concert promoters, teams and venues in a variety of ways.
Promoters create and market their events from custom white-labeled versions of TicketOS. Sell tickets and fulfill orders. Report on sales and attendance.
Teams and venues partner with TicketOS to provide integrated ticketing solutions to their corporate customers. TicketOS helps to lighten the load for premium seating teams while driving attendance and catering spend.
An illustration of a person enjoying a ticketing services loyalty program
Employee and Customer Rewards
TicketOS also does employee and customer benefit and reward programs.
Offer your tickets to employees and customers on a standalone TicketOS rewards application. Tickets can be sold at discount, or awarded to requestors through a waitlist or lottery. Accept credit cards or issue and redeem gift cards or similar vouchers.
Need more inventory? Supplemental tickets can be offered from the TicketOS Marketplace on demand. Other discounted offerings like hotels, car rentals, and movie and attraction passes can also be made available.

Who Uses TicketOS?

There isn’t a minimum or maximum number of tickets you need to manage for ticket management software to pay off. Software is built to streamline ticket management processes, reveal ROI, simplify ticket distribution and allocation, improve utilization, and inform better decisions—regardless of your corporation’s size.

TicketOS integrates seamlessly with applications across industries. That includes applications for ticket fulfillment, restaurants, transportation, customer relationship management (CRM), and more. Learn more about our seamless integrations here.

TicketOS helps your finance and compliance teams by letting you capture the full scope of your corporate ticket program’s expenses. Within the TicketOS ticket management system, you can record invoices, monitor food and beverage costs at events, access in-depth ticketing data, and make sure your ticket valuation is accurate. You can also create custom rules to make sure your tickets are expensed in a way that keeps your company compliant.

Your sales and marketing teams can access ticket data that informs smarter decisions, including attendance information and ticket ROI. With clear figures in hand, you can assign tickets to employees or groups based on your marketing or sales strategy. Better yet, you can easily set up rules within your TicketOS system to make sure tickets are being used to accomplish your team’s strategy.

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