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What is ticket management
What Is Corporate Ticket Management?

Aligning your brand with a sports or entertainment venture can provide opportunities to elicit emotive experiences. This can drive new business with clients, increase employee engagement, and bring stakeholders together. Managing the related entertainment assets is a key component to a successful sports & entertainment program. This is where corporate ticket management comes in.

Corporate ticket management solutions allow an organization to:
  • Bring all Sports & Entertainment assets into a centralized white-labeled & role-based application
  • Distribute & allocate tickets across the organization (Region, Title, Business Line, Employee Hierarchy)
  • Customize request & approval processes
  • Automate fulfillment when tickets are approved
  • Report on different aspects of business (ROI, Utilization, Compliance, Finance)
  • Purchase supplemental ticket assets
  • Resell or donate unused assets
  • Connect with common business applications (Compliance, CRM, Expense Management)
What is ticket management? +
Ticket management is the process by which your corporation manages its event tickets. Generally, ticket management involves loading, distributing, allocating, and analyzing your corporation’s tickets for sports and entertainment. This includes managing the approval process, ticket fulfillment, distribution, allocation, ticket usage, and reporting across your corporation.
What are the benefits of ticket management? +
Proper ticket management will reveal your ticketing program’s ROI and streamline ticketing processes, as well as help inform better sponsorship, spending, and ticket distribution decisions.
What are the benefits of ticket management software? +
Corporate ticket management software gives you control over ticketing processes, distribution, allocation, and reporting. Here are a few benefits of using ticket management software:
  • Save time and reduce workloads by bringing all of your corporate assets into a centralized application.
  • Organize ticket distribution and allocation by region, title, business line, or the hierarchy that fits your corporation’s needs.
  • Automate ticket fulfillment as soon as tickets are approved.
  • Resell or donate your corporation’s unused tickets.
  • Access in-depth reports on ROI, utilization, compliance, finance, and more.
What type of company is a good fit for ticket management software? +
Ticket management software can benefit any company with an existing or planned entertainment strategy, or that simply wants to get the most value from their entertainment assets. Ticket management software like TicketOS is built to accommodate everything from growing mid-sized businesses to massive multi-level enterprises.
What reports can my organization access with ticket management software? +
The reports you can access will depend on the ticket management solution your corporation uses. TicketOS allows you to generate reports on both the ticket level and the attendee level. You also have the option of accessing custom reporting based on the data set you need. Our system also features automated reporting, so you can access or save reports in a single click or schedule reports to be delivered to others. Those reports stretch across everything from ticketing ROI and utilization to compliance, finance, and more.
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