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What Is Corporate Ticket Management?

What is sports and event ticket management?

Aligning your brand with a sports or entertainment venture can provide opportunities to illicit emotive experiences. This can drive new business with clients, increase employee engagement, and bring stakeholders togetherManaging the related entertainment assets is a key component to a successful sports & entertainment program.

Corporate ticket management solutions allow an organization to:

  • Bring all assets into a centralized white-labeled & role-based application
  • Distribute & allocate tickets across the organization (Region, Title, Business line, Employee Hierarchy)
  • Customize request & approval processes
  • Automate fulfillment when tickets are approved
  • Report on different aspects of business (ROI, Utilization, Compliance, Finance)
  • Purchase supplemental ticket assets
  • Resell or donate unused assets
  • Connect with common business applications (Compliance, CRM, Expense Management)

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