What Does Omicron Mean For Your Company’s Live Event Tickets?

Here we go again. As you’ve no doubt heard, the new Omicron variant of COVID-19 is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. While the data is still unclear on the severity of the strain, what is known is that it’s more transmissible than the Delta strain and renders vaccines less effective. That’s according to the World Health Organization, as well as the CDC. What’s more, at the time of writing this, Omicron has now officially been detected in at least 22 US states. Naturally, this affects the entertainment industry and live event ticket holders, as any attendee in a large crowd is at greater risk of infection and may choose not to attend – even if they have been triple vaxxed. Given this new uncertainty, businesses may understandably be concerned about their live event tickets and entertainment assets going to waste. So let’s put that anxiety at ease with a quick rundown of what Omicron is actually doing to the live events industry, and how you can safeguard the value of your entertainment assets. Are there new restrictions on live events? While the CDC has updated its public health recommendations in light of Omicron, these only go so far as to encourage protective action on an individual level. These include encouraging Americans to get vaccinated or receive a booster if they haven’t already done so, to wear masks indoors and in crowds, and to get tested if they suspect possible infection. The CDC is also ramping up case investigation and contact tracing. While live event organizers can still hold their events, certain providers may still choose to postpone or cancel shows at their discretion. While this presents a degree of uncertainty that can impact your client entertainment or employee rewards, following the CDC’s suggested health measures can give you and your clients the best of both worlds: high quality entertainment experiences with minimal risk of infection. Safeguard against disappointment with ticket management software Even if certain live events aren’t postponed or cancelled, today’s climate demands far more flexibilty and preparedness than before. If a key prospect pulls out at the last moment, for whatever reason, you may be left with nonrefundable premium event  tickets that fail to deliver their expected value. The best way to prepare for this risk is to invest in ticket management software like TicketOS. In addition to being able to track ticket utilization and ROI, with extensive and customizable reporting, TicketOS can also assist when you need to pivot in a hurry. Here’s how:
  • In-app notifications When looking to book event and luxury suite tickets, notifications within the TicketOS application will keep you updated with the latest guidance, advisory, and policy information — including all relevant mask and vaccine requirements.
  • Immediate communication TicketOS makes it easy to quickly share information with attendees, both before and after the event. This is invaluable for communication around cancellations, postponements, and, in case of potential exposure, contact tracing.
  • Sell unused tickets If your organization decides not to send attendees to live events until the outbreak subsides, TicketOS offers resale features — and a dedicated team — that can help recoup your ticket investment.
If you’d like to see just what an advanced ticket management platform is capable of, we’ve got you covered. Schedule a TicketOS demo today, and learn how our software can solve your ticket management concerns.