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Why Ticket OS

Sports and Event Ticket Management System
What can TicketOS do
What can TicketOS do?

TicketOS is a groundbreaking, cloud-based ticket management solution that revolutionizes the way organizations handle their sports and entertainment ticketing operation. Our centralized, white-labeled, and role-based platform enables companies to efficiently distribute and allocate tickets according to business line, region, division, department, employee role, and hierarchy. Customizable request and approval processes, automated fulfillment, and comprehensive reporting features streamline ticket management and provide valuable insights. By reimagining ticketing, TicketOS offers a user-friendly, scalable solution to meet the dynamic demands of how companies manage their sports and entertainment assets.

TicketOS is the most advanced solution in the industry, offering:
  • Centralized Workflow Management
  • Single Pain of Visibility
  • Highly Configurable Application
  • Touchless Fulfillment
  • Expansive Reporting
  • 3rd-Party Integrations
  • Retail Gift Cards
  • Ticket Resale & Donation
  • Suite Catering Management
  • VIP Ticket Sourcing
  • Major Events & Hospitality
Can I customize the TicketOS platform to meet my organization's needs? +
Yes, TicketOS is highly configurable. Here are a few ways you can customize our ticket management software to fit your corporation:
  • Access a role-based single sign-on application
  • Create custom ticket categories and tiers
  • Define ticket usage categories
  • Set ticket request rules
  • Designate approval processes
  • Customize notifications and communications
  • Integrate TicketOS with third-party software
How can TicketOS help us improve ticket utilization? +
TicketOS offers a robust solution to optimize sports and entertainment ticket utilization within a company. By granting the right people access to approved tickets, employees can seamlessly request and secure their desired tickets. Customizable rules within the platform ensure that if tickets remain unclaimed, they are opened up to a broader audience, maximizing ticket utilization. In addition, TicketOS provides the flexibility to expand ticket availability for employee purchase, public resale, or even charitable donation, depending on the company's preferences. This comprehensive and adaptable approach ultimately leads to increased ticket utilization, enhanced employee satisfaction, and a more efficient management process, all facilitated seamlessly through TicketOS.
How does TicketOS streamline the request and approval process? +
TicketOS streamlines the request and approval process for sports and entertainment tickets within a company by providing a user-friendly interface, automating workflows, and centralizing ticket management. The system efficiently collects all necessary information on each request, including the purpose, attendees, and reason for ticket usage. This comprehensive data enables approvers to make informed decisions based on the requesting information. By eliminating time-consuming manual tasks and enforcing predefined criteria, TicketOS ensures a consistent and transparent process, ultimately leading to improved resource allocation, enhanced employee satisfaction, and increased operational efficiency.
How can TicketOS maximize the value of luxury suites? +
A system like TicketOS maximizes the value of corporate-owned luxury suites by optimizing their utilization, streamlining management, and providing valuable insights. The platform enables employees to easily request and access available suite tickets, ensuring a higher usage rate. Automated workflows and centralized management reduce administrative burdens, while customizable rules help allocate tickets fairly and according to company priorities. Additionally, TicketOS generates insightful usage reports, enabling companies to make data-driven decisions for suite allocation and investment strategies, ultimately enhancing the overall value and return on investment for corporate-owned luxury suites.
How does TicketOS handle order fulfillment and ticket delivery? +
Our software can manage ticket fulfillment and ticket delivery for your corporation. We can provide:
  • Automated mobile transfer and delivery of e-tickets
  • Physical storage, check-in, and delivery of both tickets and merchandise through our fulfillment center
  • Integration with your corporate accounts or preferred rates for you to access
  • Automated scheduled deliveries based on your corporation’s requirements and custom shipments
TicketOS streamlines order fulfillment and ticket delivery through its integrated, user-friendly platform. Upon request approval, the system automatically processes the order and issues the tickets to the recipient. Leveraging digital ticketing technology, TicketOS delivers tickets electronically, ensuring a secure and eco-friendly method of distribution. Recipients can then access their tickets through their mobile devices or email, providing a convenient and seamless experience. This end-to-end management of ticket fulfillment and delivery minimizes errors, enhances security, and simplifies the overall process for both employees and administrators
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