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What Can TicketOS Do?

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Here's What We Do Best!

Centralized and Intuitive Application

TicketOS allows you to manage your entire corporate ticket program in one, centralized location. From basic workflows like searching for and ordering tickets to the more complex like managing ticket contracts and catering requests, our intuitive application is fast and easy to use.

Configurable and Customizable

TicketOS is completely configurable and customizable! Roles and permissions give users the functionality they need. Custom text and fields guide employees as they complete orders. Set request and visibility rules to ensure the right people have access to the right tickets.

Visibility with Reports and Charts

If it’s in TicketOS, you can report on it! Every field we capture is reportable. Use our standard reports and charts to report on things like inventory, expenses, revenue and attendance. Need more or less detail? Our custom report tool let’s you define your queries to get exactly the data you need. Schedule reports for automated delivery and share custom reports with other users.

Purchase, Resale and Donation of Ticket Assets

Not enough tickets? No problem! TicketOS has you covered with ad-hoc purchases through our TicketOS Marketplace. Too many tickets? You can also resell tickets on our TicketOS Marketplace. Looking for a write-off? Our experienced team can assist with donating tickets to top charities like Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Integrations with Third-Party Applications

Beyond the extensive functionality built into TicketOS, we also offer the ability to integrate with third-party applications. Popular offerings are Ariba, Concur, Salesforce and Outlook. We can also work with your development team to integrate with your custom internal applications.

What Can TicketOS Do?

Yes, TicketOS is highly configurable. Here are a few ways you can customize our ticket management software to fit your corporation:


  • Access a role-based single sign-on application.
  • Create custom ticket categories and tiers.
  • Set ticket request rules.
  • Designate approval processes.
  • Build custom notifications and communications.
  • Easily integrate TicketOS with third-party software.

TicketOS makes it easy to distribute tickets, monitor utilization, and track distribution. With easy-to-read reports, you can see utilization, identify unused tickets, spot ROI, and promote a more beneficial ticket utilization strategy.

TicketOS lets you manage tickets from the entire corporate ticket program in a single, central location. You can easily manage everything from ticket searches and orders to contracts and catering requests on our intuitive application. TicketOS also includes access to a full inventory of tickets, purchasing portals, automated communication functions, and more. See more about our easy-to-use software here.

Our in-depth reporting features let you record invoices and view seat licenses within your TicketOS software. In addition to revealing utilization and spend, our software lets you log food and beverage costs for luxury suites within our catering tools. All of this information reveals ROI, highlights cost-saving opportunities, and provides the data to drive better decisions.

Our software can manage ticket fulfillment and ticket delivery for your corporation. We can provide:


  • Transfer and delivery of e-tickets
  • Physical storage, check-in, and delivery of both tickets and merchandise through our fulfillment center
  • Integration with your corporate accounts or preferred rates for you to access
  • Automated deliveries based on your corporation’s requirements and custom shipments

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