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Ticket Management Features

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Here are some of the many exciting ticket management features available from TicketOS!

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Centralized Application

TicketOS is the only application you need to run a successful corporate ticket program. From contract and inventory management to accepting and fulfilling orders from employees. the TicketOS ticket management system can handle all ticket operations from start to finish.


A visualization of a person looking at ticket management features
Intuitive and Easy to Use

Our intuitive application is easy to learn and use. Most ticket management functions are natively simple and straight forward. On screen, step-by-step instructions guide users through common workflows. Notifications alert employees when actions need to be taken.


A visualization of a person looking at settings within a ticket management system
Highly Configurable

TicketOS can be completely customized to meet the unique needs of your organization. Roles and permissions can be customized to give employees the access they need. Text and input fields can be modified, added or removed to capture your company’s processes. Rules and automatizations can be set up to ensure company policies are followed.

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Expansive Reporting

Every piece of data collected in TicketOS can be reported on. Standard reports for common workflows help you make informed decisions. Charts and graphs let you see the big picture. For more detail, our reporting tool provides the ability to create and share your own custom reports.

An illustration of a person looking at the ticket management marketplace
Built-In Purchasing and Resales

Need tickets beyond what your company owns? Our TicketOS Marketplace gives your organization access to tickets for events across North America. If you have inventory that is under-utilized, resell it on our Marketplace or donate it to highly respected charities.


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Third-party Integrations

Beyond the capabilities native to the TicketOS ticket management system, we also offer the ability to connect with popular third-party applications like Ariba, Concur, Salesforce and others. We can even work with you to connect proprietary applications unique to your organization.


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