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Our Story

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TicketOS was born 13 years ago as companies got tired of trying to manage tickets through email and spreadsheets. No one knew who owned which tickets and why. Stacks of unused tickets ended up in desk drawers. Requests for tickets would go unanswered. Executives were showing up in suites with clients to see an employee’s cousin’s in-laws cheering on their favorite team.

TicketOS unites marketing, sales, finance, and other teams across an organization with a single, integrated platform that powers client entertainment, corporate events and tickets. With TicketOS, we handle your tickets so your employees can focus on your business. Our application makes sure your ticket assets are used for the right reasons, by the right people, providing the most return on the investment. From allocating tickets across the organization, dynamic requesting and approving workflows, to fulfillment and reporting, TicketOS provides the most comprehensive ticket management software available.

How Can TicketOS Help You?