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Why TicketOS for Sports and Event Ticket Management?

What is sports and event ticket management?

Many organizations own or purchase sports, concert and other types of event tickets for the purposes of entertaining clients or rewarding employees. Some receive tickets as part of sponsorship agreements. The term “ticket management” refers to the program an organization institutes for the purposes of managing these ticket assets. This generally includes everything from procuring the tickets to distributing them to guests and tracking their usage.

What is sports and event ticket management?
An illustration of people browsing through a event ticket management application

What can TicketOS ticket management application do?

TicketOS is both an application and a service, custom-tailored to meet the ticket management requirements of your organization. We can do everything from purchasing tickets and negotiating contracts to managing inventory, accepting requests, and distributing tickets to your employees and guests. The TicketOS application does all the heavy lifting and our service team is here to both support your use of the application as well as take on aspects of your operation entirely if necessary.

Who uses TicketOS?

Our clients are using TicketOS for many different and unique ticket management programs. Within each organization, employees fill various types of roles to meet the challenges and demands of their ticketing operations even while balancing their own daily workloads. Here are just a few of the people TicketOS can help.

A picture of a event ticket management program manager
Program Managers

Manage contracts, create events, load inventory, allocate tickets, ship orders, purchase catering and report on everything!

A picture of a sales and marketing team exploring event ticket management
Sales & Marketing Teams

Put tickets in the hands of your top earners and track ROI with attendance and usage metrics.

A picture of a finance and compliance team looking over a event ticket management application
Finance & Compliance

Robust reporting and integrations with compliance tools like Ariba and Concur provide transparency.

See what TicketOS can do for you!