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Ticket Resale & Donation
Ticket Resale & Donation

TicketOS offers a ticket resale and donation service to help companies recoup their investment on unused tickets. By selling low-demand sports and entertainment tickets to the public or other organizations, you can maximize value fromĀ  your ticket purchases. We offer multiple options for reselling tickets, including selling them to employees, other TicketOS clients, or on our exclusive ticket marketplace. We can also facilitate donation through our nonprofit foundation, Admit All, which provides underserved communities, including children of veterans and uniformed service people, with the magic and excitement of live events. Simply select the tickets you want to resell or donate and our VIP Ticketing Team will handle the rest, ensuring you get the best value.

Get more value and make a positive impact with your unused tickets.
Multiple resale options

You can sell low-demand tickets to employees, other TicketOS clients, or on the TicketOS Marketplace.

Stress-free resale process

Our VIP Ticketing Team handles the resale or donation process for you, ensuring that you get the best value for your tickets.

Prolong ticket availability

Until they sell, your tickets are still available for your employees to request for company use.

Make a positive social impact

Donate unused tickets to non-profit organizations like Admit All, where we give underserved communities the opportunity to enjoy live sporting and entertainment events.

Easy donation process

TicketOS makes it easy to write-off the cost of low-demand tickets by donating them and receiving all necessary documentation for tax and reporting purposes.

Maximize your investment

With the TicketOS resale and donation service, you can ensure that unused tickets don’t go to waste while still maximizing the value of your investment.

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