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Retail Gift Cards

Compliment your rewards program with our Retail Gift Cards solution.  Whether you want to recognize employee achievements, celebrate a holiday, or show appreciation to a client, our service offers a seamless way to do so. You can easily purchase and distribute physical and digital gift cards to your employees from our substantial catalog of retail partners. We’ll handle all aspects of coordination with the gift card vendors, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and there are no surprises.

Enhance your corporate rewards and employee benefits
Easy purchase and distribution

With TicketOS, you can easily purchase and distribute gift cards from a substantial catalog of both physical plastic cards and digital cards that can be emailed.

Trusted brands

Our catalog includes popular and trusted brands such as American Express, Visa, Amazon, and Best Buy.

Control employee access

You can choose to make only select cards available to your employees or give them access to the entire catalog.

Flexible workflows

Create ideal workflows for gift card orders, whether you want to follow the same workflows as ticket requests or customize new ones.

End-to-end gift card management

Our team will handle the entire process, from billing to delivery, so you have the freedom to focus on your business.

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