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Major Events Hospitality
Major Events Hospitality

With our industry-leading Major Events Hospitality team, TicketOS creates engaging and memorable moments for our clients. From sporting events, to concerts, to breathtaking culinary experiences, TicketOS offers unmatched value to help your business optimize its employee and client entertainment strategy – and to stand out in the marketplace. 

When it comes to entertainment, TicketOS Major Events Hospitality has no boundaries! We take pride in our ability to produce and curate exciting experiences for our clients, whether in person or online. We leverage our network of talent from all segments to provide unique and impactful content for our clients.

Here are a few of the services offered by TicketOS Major Events Hospitality:
Corporate Hospitality

Dive into the excitement of the world’s most prestigious sports events with tailor-made travel and experience packages. Be a part of the action at iconic competitions such as the Super Bowl, Masters, Formula 1 races, Olympics, and World Cup. With these unforgettable events at your fingertips, create lifelong memories while witnessing the pinnacle of sporting excellence.

Culinary Entertainment

Craft unforgettable culinary events by collaborating with renowned chefs and mixologists.  TicketOS can create impactful experiences that captivate your guests, leaving a lasting impression while celebrating the art of gastronomy and mixology.

Talent Booking

TicketOS excels in securing top-tier talent for your events. Arrange for your preferred celebrity or personality to make an appearance, endorse your brand, or participate in a speaking engagement, ensuring a memorable and high-profile experience for your audience.

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