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The TicketOS client services team boasts unmatched experience and dedication, providing exceptional support in all facets of your ticket management program. As an extension of your team, our ticketing experts readily assist with loading tickets, order completion, catering assistance, fulfillment, report generation, and scheduling, among other tasks. We take immense pride in delivering unparalleled service, ensuring that your ticket management experience is seamless and efficient, reflecting our unwavering commitment to client success.

Here are just some of the things our client service team can help with:
Load ticket inventory

If you want tickets in the system before they become available from the box office, our client services team uploads your tickets to TicketOS so that you can get requests on your tickets as soon as schedules are announced.

Communicate with venues and teams

We can serve as a point of contact for communication with teams and venues.  Our team will troubleshoot with them to make sure everything is seamless for your organization.

Assist employees to place orders

Our client services team is always ready to assist employees with their orders, guiding them through the TicketOS application or helping them find and accept their mobile transferred tickets.

Ship orders placed against your inventory

If tickets are still hard stock or need a manual transfer, our team can handle shipping ticket orders efficiently.

Order catering for your suites

What’s a luxury suite without top-quality food and beverages to match? Trust our expert client services team to order great catering for your suites.

Donate tickets to vetted charities

The TicketOS client services team can facilitate the donation of your tickets to our Foundation: Admit All or to vetted charities of your choice. 

Create and run custom reports

Our team helps you leverage the powerful reporting capabilities of TicketOS, creating and running custom reports  and dashboards based on your key metrics.

Communicate with program participants

Our team can send email notifications and announcements to your program’s participants, keeping them informed and up to date.

Provide guidance on ticketing best practices

With extensive experience in corporate entertainment, our team offers valuable insights and guidance on ticketing best practices.

Working with TicketOS grants you access to an expert client services team dedicated to helping you achieve your ticket management goals.
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