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Ticket Management 101
The Impact of TicketOS on Corporate Sales and Marketing Strategies
Revolutionizing Engagement: Leveraging TicketOS to Boost Sales and Elevate Marketing For sales and marketing teams, corporate sports and entertainment ticketing is a high-impact yet high-effort undertaking. It takes substantial resources to identify events, secure sponsorships, and inventory, allocate sponsorship assets and tickets, and measure results. But without the right technology, it’s tough to maximize sports …
employee appreciation
Ticket Management 101
The Role of TicketOS in Nurturing Client Relationships and Enhancing Staff Engagement
In business, few things make more impact than nurturing client relationships and keeping employees engaged. That’s why corporate sports and entertainment ticketing is so invaluable – when managed correctly. Memorable events build trust with clients and unity among staff. But for many large enterprises, realizing sports and entertainment full potential is tough without the right …
finance regulatory compliance
Ticket Management 101
The Financial Aspect: How TicketOS Aids Finance and Compliance Teams
Streamlining Compliance and Enhancing Financial Efficiency with TicketOS For finance and compliance professionals, overseeing a corporation’s entertainment assets can be a monumental challenge. With thousands of tickets across multiple venues and little visibility into who uses what, it’s extremely difficult to grasp program costs. And when entertainment tickets aren’t tracked properly, there’s a significant risk …
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Ticket Management 101
Sponsoring an event or stadium? Don’t make this critical mistake
Event sponsorship remains an effective tool for businesses of all sizes to get their branding in front of a large number of energized people. And these days, with pandemic shutdowns firmly in the rearview mirror, sponsorships are as popular as ever. In their 2022 global sports marketing report, Nielsen Sports reveals that sports sponsorships were …
Ticket Management 101
How to simplify mobile ticket transfers
In a previous article, we showed how developments in event ticketing technology have led to some unfortunate unintended consequences. Mobile transfer tickets in particular have created a number of challenges that, if not addressed, significantly undermine the value of a business’s tickets and other entertainment assets. But for enterprise businesses with lots of season tickets …
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Ticket Management 101
How to measure ROI on sports and entertainment tickets
Measuring ROI for sports tickets and other entertainment assets is a goal for many financial professionals. After all, whether tickets are gained through sponsorship deals or bought outright, those tickets have a dollar value attached to them. That investment needs to show some kind of return to be worthwhile. Unfortunately, many businesses believe this is …
Ticket Management 101
The Unintended Consequences of Event Ticketing Technology
Ticket Management 101
Is Your Business On The Right Side Of Ticket History?
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Ticket Management 101
5 Things to Look for in Ticket Management Software