Luxury Suites Are A Big Deal Right Now (And Here’s Why)

As 2021 came to a close, people around the country were reflecting on the ups and downs of the year. Thankfully, the new year provides a fresh start; where we can breathe a collective sigh of relief and return to our social, active lives. Live events are a great example of this. From concerts to sports games, nothing beats the raw energy and excitement of seeing the action and talent up close. That’s why, even in the midst of a new variant and a few cancellations, people still want to go to live events. The momentum we wrote about last summer is still there, with pent up consumer demand for live events being higher than ever. College Football Championship Playoff games were packed shoulder to shoulder with fans rooting their teams to the finals. NFL contests were booming: with shirtless fans in frigid temperatures at Green Bay and Eagles fans falling over the FedEx Field players’ entrance. In this complex environment of high demand for live events mixed with a degree of uncertainty around safety precautions, a certain type of experience has taken on new significance: luxury suites. Luxury suite tickets are the hottest thing on the market at the moment – especially in corporate and client entertainment – because they offer a pre-pandemic experience with post-pandemic peace of mind. Here’s why luxury suites are a big deal right now:

Luxury suites are perfect for quality client entertainment

The best client entertainment doesn’t just entertain a prospect for the duration of the event. Rather, it’s so good and memorable that it’ll be thought about and talked about for years. The need for this kind of client entertainment hasn’t gone anywhere. If anything, given how difficult the past few years have been, businesses are feeling immense pressure to create positive and memorable experiences for their clients and prospects. Doing so can easily be the difference between loyal business relationships and a dwindling client list. Luxury suites are perfect for client entertainment because they offer a uniquely memorable and premium sporting experience. What’s more, they offer plenty of one-on-one time to build trust and rapport, leading to stronger and more resilient professional relationships. If luxury suites aren’t in your sales or client service team’s arsenal, they should be. Attendees have a safer experience Safety and peace of mind should always be a top priority. No matter how lucrative a deal, it’s never worth jeopardizing the health and wellbeing of your employees or prospects. Throwing caution to the wind may also give the impression of impulsive and risky behavior, which can influence a prospect or client’s impression of you and your team. This is another reason luxury suites are a great option for client and corporate entertainment. Suites typically offer a secluded, safe, and premium experience. You have all the excitement of watching the game from the best seats in the house, without direct exposure to potentially thousands of fans. Ticket management software maximizes luxury suite value Another reason that luxury suite tickets are a great deal right now comes down to technology. Businesses now have access to ticket management software that can help them track how tickets are utilized, report on ticket ROI, and so much more. TicketOS is a ticket management solution that helps manage the complexities of their entertainment tickets with ease. Here are three ways it does this:
  • TicketOS gives companies the power to pivot in a moment's notice. For example, if COVID spikes and TicketOS clients want to reduce the capacity in the suite, they can easily go into the application and change the number of tickets available to 75% of capacity.
  • If clients cancel at the last minute and you want your tickets resold or offered to employees as a benefit, you can do this seamlessly in TicketOS.
  • TicketOS reporting features allow companies to see ticket utilization and spend. This information is essential to show ROI and uncover potential cost saving opportunities.
If you’d like to see just what an advanced ticket management platform is capable of, we’ve got you covered. Schedule a TicketOS demo today and learn how TicketOS can help your organization maximize the value of luxury suite tickets.