Live events are back – is your business ready?

We’re all sick of hearing about “the new normal”. It’s the 2020 catchphrase no one asked for. Thankfully, as the country opens up and we’re free to go outside and enjoy the summer, we’re getting a taste of the actual normal. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of live events. Concerts are back. Festivals are back. Sports games are back. Live events across the United States are expected to bring in more than a billion dollars in June alone, while event attendance is projected to be significantly higher than in pre-pandemic 2019. As media outlets like The Washington Post, Bloomberg, and the Wall Street Journal have noted, the “Roaring Twenties” are here and we’re ready to go.

But what does this all mean for your business?

As we all know, live events are a valuable part of doing business. From rewarding high-performing employees, to entertaining clients, to getting key accounts over the line, having sought-after event tickets on hand is a great way to set your business apart. While events were shut down and many of us were working remotely, this drive for quality entertainment only became stronger – for both internal and external stakeholders. And as innovative and tech-savvy as virtual events can be, they’re no replacement for the roaring energy and electric atmosphere of the real thing. Plus who wants to spend their recreational time staring at a computer screen after a full day of Zoom meetings? We should be striving to reduce “Zoom fatigue”, not add to it.

Live events bring people together

While some parts of society are returning to normal, workplaces are still under a lot of strain and staff turnover continues to rise. Business leaders should be looking for ways to motivate, inspire, and uplift the people in their organizations: fostering meaningful connections, dynamic collaboration and a resilient team spirit. Live events offer a perfect opportunity to achieve all of this and more. When you share an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime experience with someone, like having courtside seats at the NBA playoffs, the value of that experience is far greater than the dollar value of the tickets – it’s priceless. But it isn’t simply a matter of buying event tickets and handing them out on an ad hoc basis. To get the most value from your event tickets – and to truly capitalize on live events returning nationwide – you need to be results-driven and methodical.

Getting the most business value from your event tickets

With the right ticket management strategy, you can leverage live events to supercharge your corporate culture and engage high-value clients and prospects. For a large business with hundreds or thousands of employees, executing this strategy requires a robust Ticket Management System – like TicketOS – that can help you ensure every ticket is accounted for and the right people are in the right seats. A Ticket Management System also makes it easier to clarify and meet local compliance requirements, so your attendees can focus on having the time of their lives. If you’re interested in how a Ticket Management System like TicketOS can help your organization return to live events safely, schedule your free demo today.