How to simplify mobile ticket transfers

In a previous article, we showed how developments in event ticketing technology have led to some unfortunate unintended consequences. Mobile transfer tickets in particular have created a number of challenges that, if not addressed, significantly undermine the value of a business’s tickets and other entertainment assets.

But for enterprise businesses with lots of season tickets and multiple luxury suites across multiple stadiums, there’s an additional challenge that isn’t talked about enough: the unavoidable complexity of having to navigate different ticket workflows and processes.

Ticket administrators at these organizations typically have to acquire, allocate, and manage hundreds (if not thousands) of suite and season tickets every month. As such, it’s in their interest to streamline and group as many actions across their company’s ticket portfolio as possible. Buying all their tickets from the same platform, for instance, would make transfers a breeze and save a significant amount of time – time they could spend on the countless other responsibilities they’re trying to get to.

The problem is, when that ticket portfolio includes suites from different regions and stadiums, there’s a good chance each venue will have a unique way of doing things, with their own preferences around ticket vendors. For example, in a single day you might need to buy and manage tickets from Ticketmaster, SeatGeek,, StubHub… the list goes on. The cumulative effect of having to manually coordinate, purchase, transfer, and troubleshoot all these systems is a significant one: lost time, more room for error, and a far greater chance that a high-value attendee doesn’t get the premium experience they should.

Simplify transfers with ticket management software

With the right ticket management solution, transferring luxury suite and season tickets for any number of venues is quick, simple, and easy to achieve. With TicketOS, for instance, we’ll initiate mobile ticket transfers on your behalf. This means what used to be a complex network of payment and transfer activity, turns into a streamlined process with clear visibility of all ticket actions including ticket transfers in a single platform.

From the perspective of attendees, things are also simplified. Everyone is guaranteed to get the right ticket transferred onto their device. The tickets still arrive from a range of sources, but they’re all initiated from one, trustworthy place that adds a level of communications and customer support for your end users. This leads to a better experience for all parties involved: attendees can enjoy the game, while ticket administrators can focus their time where it matters.

Choose a ticket management platform that goes the distance

TicketOS is a ticket management platform that can help your organization overcome the challenges of mobile transfer tickets. It’s easy to use, highly configurable, and comes with an expert support team that’s committed to your ongoing success.

If you’d like to see how TicketOS can help you get more value from your sports tickets and entertainment assets, we’d love to show you in a personalized product demonstration. Click here to book a demo at a time that’s convenient for you.