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Order Fulfillment and Delivery

Get your tickets in hand, when you need them.

Ticket order fulfillment and delivery are essential in every effective ticket management program. At TicketOS, our expert team can ensure all ticket orders are fulfilled efficiently, and then delivered to the right person, at the right time, via the medium of their choosing.

Our ticket order fulfillment and delivery service includes the following:


Electronic Delivery

These days, digital event tickets are everywhere. But with TicketOS, you’ll never worry about an e-ticket landing in the wrong inbox, or being on the wrong device. The TicketOS team can manage the delivery of e-tickets and the transfer process of mobile tickets.

Physical Storage and Delivery

Our experienced fulfillment team can receive, check-in, store, package and ship physical tickets in our access-controlled fulfillment center. This also applies to any brand or sponsorship merchandise related to the event.

Leverage Our Accounts

As TicketOS is an established presence in the sports and entertainment space, our accounts qualify for competitive shipping rates on tickets. As a valued client, your organization can tap into and benefit from these preferred rates throughout our engagement. We can also integrate with your corporate accounts seamlessly.

Custom Schedules and Automation

We understand that no two schedules are exactly the same. Whether you’re available standard working hours, or only a small window every week, we can automate your deliveries to be sent or arrive to meet your requirements. We also offer custom shipping schedules to ensure that orders are shipped out the day they come in.

TicketOS is a ticket management platform that can meet all of your order fulfillment and delivery needs – and then some! If you’d like to learn more about what TicketOS can do for your organization, or have a specific question about our platform or service, simply click the button below.

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