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Third-Party Integrations

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Seamlessly integrate with 3rd-party business tools

TicketOS offers native integration with other business tools and applications, so you can create a unified workflow across your ticket operations. Whether it’s customer relationship management (CRM) software, marketing automation, or accounting tools, TicketOS can seamlessly connect to empower your team and boost their workflow efficiencies. By eliminating manual data transfers and reducing data entry errors, your team can also save valuable time and focus on their key tasks and responsibilities.

Ensure data accuracy
Ensure data accuracy across all platforms

By integrating 3rd party tools with TicketOS, you can ensure your data is accurate across all platforms. Manual data entry often leads to errors and inconsistencies, which cause problems later on. But by avoiding human error altogether, you can save time and effort. With accurate and consistent ticket data reflecting across your technology ecosystem , your team can make informed decisions that maximize utilization and ROI from your tickets and entertainment assets.

Streamline processes
Streamline processes and save time

3rd party integrations with TicketOS make it easy to streamline processes and save time. By connecting TicketOS to other business tools, data can be transferred automatically, freeing up valuable time for your team. This feature ensures data accuracy and consistency across all platforms, reducing the risk of errors and increasing productivity. Plus, by eliminating manual data transfers and reducing data entry errors, your team can focus on more important tasks.

Choose integrations
Choose integrations that work best for your business

Customize your workflow and choose the integrations that work best for your business. TicketOS offers a variety of third-party integrations that allow you to seamlessly connect it to the business tools you use. Some examples of integrations include:

  • Microsoft Power BI: With TicketOS integration, you can generate interactive and visually appealing reports that provide a comprehensive view of your organization’s ticketing program.
  • SAP Concur: By integrating TicketOS with your organization’s Concur account, you can manage approvals and enforce compliance rules for orders. Orders are routed first to Concur as expense requests for approval and then back to TOS for delivery of the tickets.
  • Microsoft Dynamics: By connecting TicketOS to your organization’s Dynamics account, you can look up contacts and match ticket requests to active campaigns. Every order is recorded as an activity within your campaign.
  • Salesforce: Leverage the powerful integration capabilities of TicketOS with Salesforce, allowing for seamless data synchronization between the two platforms. With this integration, you can effortlessly push and pull data between TicketOS and Salesforce, ensuring that your information is up to date and accessible in both systems.
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