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Highly Configurable

Role based single sign on
Role-based single sign on application

For simplicity’s sake and to encourage company-wide adoption of your ticketing program, TicketOS supports federated single-sign-on. Once configured, your employees will be able to access TicketOS directly from within your company’s intranet, no additional login or password required.

Custom ticket categories and tiers
Custom ticket categories and tiers

Beyond our default categories like Suite and Club, TicketOS offers the ability to create custom ticket categories with names to match your processes. These custom categories can then be used to set and enforce tailored rules governing the request and use of the tickets.

Ticket request rules
Define ticket request rules

TicketOS provides complete control and customization of the ticket request process. Visibility controls by user role, division, and location let you manage who has access to available tickets. Usage rules let you set requirements for how tickets can be used and what information employees are required to enter to satisfy corporate policy.

Multiple approval processes
Designate multiple approval processes

We offer several default request approval schemes that can each be customized to match your organization’s policies. Beyond just a simple manager approval scheme, we offer multi-layer approvals, queued waiting lists and even lottery style approvals with weighted prioritization.

Customize notifications
Customize all notifications and communications

All email and on-screen alerts and notifications can be customized for your organization. Most text on screen can be modified to match the terms and naming conventions your employees are familiar with. Email notifications are white-labeled with your logo and messaging can be completely customized to suit your processes.

Seamless 3rd party
Seamlessly integrate with third-party software

Our API architecture provides the flexibility to integrate TicketOS with your company’s own software and even popular third-party software like Ariba, Concur, Outlook and Salesforce. Our experienced development team can guide and assist with the implementation.

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