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Centralized Workflow Management

Centralized workflow management
Single place for everyone to find, request, and utilize corporate sports and entertainment tickets

Still using spreadsheets to track inventory and email to manage employee requests for tickets? TicketOS handles all of this and more in one, easy to use application. When you implement TicketOS for your organization, your ticket inventory can be quickly published for all employees to browse and request. Orders can then be fulfilled directly within TicketOS, paper tickets shipped with the carrier of your choice and mobile tickets emailed or transferred directly to employees and clients. After the event, pull the reports you need to track attendance and ROI.

Configurable roles and visibility rules
Control who sees which tickets with configurable roles and visibility rules

While TicketOS can be made available across your organization, we understand that not every employee should have the same level of access. Often tickets are earmarked for use by specific divisions or departments. Sometimes it is necessary to prevent high-dollar tickets from being seen or requested by anyone outside of an executive team. TicketOS gives you the ability to control access to your ticket inventory with configurable user roles and permissions and to control visibility of tickets with custom inventory rules.

Customizable order request and approval workflows

At TicketOS, we understand that in an organization-wide ticket program, tickets are used for all kinds of different business purposes. That’s why we offer the ability to not only track the use of tickets, but the ability to define and enforce how the tickets can be used. Customize the ticket request process for different business purposes to ensure compliance with company mandates. Configure the approval process so that the correct individuals are given control to vet competing requests for tickets.

Seamlessly integrate
Seamlessly integrate with 3rd party software

We have designed TicketOS to serve as the application of record for your ticket program. To better facilitate this, TicketOS can integrate with other applications your organization uses so that information can be seamlessly transferred. We offer integrations with financial tools like Concur and Ariba to ensure that data from TicketOS goes right back into your company’s accounting and compliance software. Integrations with CRM tools like Salesforce enable your employees to import their contacts and leads for completing guest lists and to connect tickets and events to sales campaigns.

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