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Features and functionality

TicketOS stands at the forefront of corporate ticket management, offering innovative features and functionality that set it apart from competitors.
Centralized Workflow Management
Streamline your sports & entertainment ticket operations with seamless integration of inventory management & hassle-free order acceptance and fulfillment.
Single Pane of Visibility
Say goodbye to switching between spreadsheets and different box office accounts like Ticketmaster, Tickets.com (MLB), Seatgeek, Paciolan and AXS. TicketOS consolidates your entire ticketing process into a single, user-friendly platform.
Highly configurable
Experience a tailor-made solution designed to accommodate the requirements of your organization.
Touchless Fulfillment
Replace your ticket transfer process with our touchless fulfillment system, no more logging into Ticketmaster, Tickets.com, AXS, or any other ticket accounts.
Expansive Reporting
Gain valuable insights into your ticket utilization with extensive reporting options, analyzing every piece of data collected in TicketOS to optimize your ticket management. (All powered by Microsoft PowerBI)
Seamless Third-Party Integrations
Enhance your ticket management experience with connections to third-party applications like Concur, Salesforce, Microsoft PowerBI and custom-built apps.
Is TicketOS right for my company?
How many tickets do we need to manage to benefit from TicketOS? +
TicketOS is designed to cater to any number of tickets, regardless of the size of your organization. Our software simplifies ticket management processes, reveals ROI, streamlines ticket distribution and allocation, enhances utilization, and guides informed decisions.
Does TicketOS Integrate with the applications our business uses? +
TicketOS can integrate with popular third-party applications such as Ariba, Salesforce, and Concur. Additionally, it can be tailored to work with your organization's proprietary software applications. Our objective is to make TicketOS a seamless component of your technological environment.
How can sales and marketing teams benefit from TicketOS software? +
TicketOS provides sales and marketing teams with access to valuable ticket data, such as attendance information and ticket ROI, to enable informed decision-making. This allows you to allocate tickets to employees or groups based on your marketing or sales strategy. You can also establish rules within the TicketOS system to ensure tickets are used strategically.
How does TicketOS help finance and compliance teams prove ROI? +
TicketOS enables Finance and Compliance to comprehensively grasp corporate sports & entertainment ticket program costs. Finance can assess different reporting metrics to gauge ROI's adequacy for justifying the expenses. Compliance can confirm required approvals following customized guidelines, like ticket pricing, utilization categories.
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