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Easy to Use Software

Effortless loading of ticket inventory

TicketOS offers a complete ticket inventory solution with many unique features to facilitate the quick and easy listing of tickets. Our event catalog contains thousands of performances across all major concert, sports and theatre events in North America. Record your contracts and seat licenses within TicketOS to allow for quickly listing recurring inventory in just a few short steps each year. Automatically match tickets found in your mobile ticket accounts to your inventory records in TicketOS. Load ad-hoc inventory quickly with our intuitive purchase order system.

Configurable request and approval workflows

You have complete control of your company’s tickets. Configure custom request processes based on the type of ticket or the business purpose of the request to ensure company policies are enforced. Define approval workflows to ensure that all requests are vetted appropriately. We support single approvers, tiered approvers, queued waitlist approvals and even the awarding of tickets via lottery.

Automatic notifications and communications

TicketOS handles all of the communication so you don’t have to! Every request, approval, order and shipment has available email and in-app notifications that are automatically sent to employees. From alerting users of actions they need to take like approving an order, to simple status updates, we cover it all. Notifications are completely customizable for your organization – you can control the content and can enable or disable alerts at your discretion.

Order fulfillment directly within TicketOS

Fulfillment and delivery of tickets is easy with TicketOS! Ship orders as they are completed by printing packing slips and air bills directly from within TicketOS. We support all major carriers. Mobile tickets can be transferred or emailed directly from TicketOS to your employees and clients as well.

Secondary market purchasing and resale of tickets

Supplement your company’s ticket inventory with options from our TicketOS Marketplace! We offer tickets to virtually every major sports, concert or theatre event in North America. Employees can make purchases directly within TicketOS. For situations where you may have too much company inventory, resell your tickets on our Marketplace. Custom rules can be configured to automatically list your tickets for sale when internal demand is low. Prefer to donate low-demand inventory? We can handle that too!

Extensive reporting to measure utilization, ROI and much more!

The key to running a successful corporate ticket program is good reporting. TicketOS provides all the tools you need to measure the success of your program. Standard reports cover everything from inventory numbers to expenses and return on investment. Charts and graphs help you to quickly spot trends and opportunities. Our custom report tool lets you build reports to your specifications and share them within your organization.

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