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Expert Client Services Team

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We're an Extension of Your Team

Our client services team is here to assist with all aspects of your ticket management program. We frequently assist with loading tickets, completing orders, catering management, fulfillment, running and scheduling reports and so much more.

Tailored Onboarding

To ensure you hit the ground running and see value quickly, our client services team will provide a custom onboarding experience designed to fit your company needs, technical proficiency, and availability.

Ongoing Support

Whether you’ve worked with us for 5 minutes or 5 years, our team will always be available to offer support and guidance. We’re invested in your ongoing success.

Trusted Expertise

Our client services team comprises seasoned experts at the top of their game, who you can trust to offer honest, insightful, and practical guidance in every engagement.

Here are just some of the things our client service team can help with:


Load ticket inventory

We’ll upload existing ticket information to your company’s TicketOS site so you can quickly get a bird’s-eye view of your company’s entertainment assets.


Communicate with venues and teams

We’ll be your single point of contact for communication with teams and venues, ensuring delivery of season tickets.


Assist employees to place orders

Our team is on standby to help employees with their orders – whether they need a hand navigating the TicketOS site, or are simply short on time.


Ship orders placed against your inventory

We’ll take care of shipping ticket orders, avoiding unnecessary bottlenecks and ensuring accurate ticket availability.


Order catering for your suites

What’s a luxury suite without top-quality food and beverages to match? Trust our expert client services team to order great catering for your suites.


Donate tickets to vetted charities

If your company would like to donate tickets to a worthy cause, our team can manage the entire process: from vetting charities to transferring your assets.


Create and run custom reports

Our team can help you get the most from the TicketOS platform’s powerful reporting tool, creating and running custom reports on your key metrics.


Communicate with program participants

Our team can send email notifications and announcements to your program’s participants, keeping them informed and up to date.


Provide guidance on ticketing best practices

With decades of experience in the world of corporate entertainment, our team is uniquely positioned to offer practical guidance on ticketing best practices.

As you can see, working with TicketOS means access to an expert client services team that’s committed to helping you reach your ticket management goals. To get in touch and chat to a member of the team about your needs, simply click on the button below.

How Can TicketOS Help You?