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How to simplify mobile ticket transfers

In a previous article, we showed how developments in event ticketing technology have led to some unfortunate unintended consequences. Mobile transfer tickets in particular have created a number of challenges that, if not addressed, significantly undermine the value of a business’s tickets and other entertainment assets. But for enterprise businesses with lots of season tickets …

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How to measure ROI on sports and entertainment tickets

Measuring ROI for sports tickets and other entertainment assets is a goal for many financial professionals. After all, whether tickets are gained through sponsorship deals or bought outright, those tickets have a dollar value attached to them. That investment needs to show some kind of return to be worthwhile. Unfortunately, many businesses believe this is …

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What Does Omicron Mean For Your Company’s Live Event Tickets?

Here we go again. As you’ve no doubt heard, the new Omicron variant of COVID-19 is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. While the data is still unclear on the severity of the strain, what is known is that it’s more transmissible than the Delta strain and renders vaccines less effective. That’s according to …

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