5 Things to Look for in Ticket Management Software

Ticket management software offers a range of benefits to any business that’s holding tickets to sports and entertainment events. These include saving time and money, making it easier to organize and distribute tickets, and being able to recoup your investment on unused tickets. But now that you’re fully aware of the benefits that ticket management software, how do you go about finding the right provider for your business? In this article, we’ll share a few things to look for:
  1. It should make your life easier, not harder. 
This applies to every piece of software you buy, along with arguably anything else with a price tag. “Ticket management” software should help your team do just that: manage tickets easily and effectively when needed. If it’s failing to do this, the software is either too basic for your business’s needs, or it’s so complex that you’re only comfortable with a fraction of its functionality. That’s why the best ticket management software balances power with ease of use – and is only as complex as it needs to be to meet your needs.
  1. It should integrate with your other business tools.
Today’s business technology stacks are more complex than ever, with organizations of all sizes using between 40 and 200 software applications on average. Adding a new tool to the mix can be more trouble than its worth if that tool doesn’t speak to the rest of the ecosystem. That’s why your ticket management software should integrate with your core business technology. TicketOS, for instance, offers seamless integrations with CRM platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, as well as expense management tools like SAP Concur. Learn more about our integrations here.
  1. You should receive ongoing client service.
A great software vendor is available to their customers to address challenges, fix problems, and ensure the best-possible experience of their product. The same is true for ticket management solutions. Your chosen vendor should offer ongoing customer support to help you through any sticking points should things not go according to plan. At TicketOS, our expert client services team does all of the heavy lifting for our clients. Continuos support and guidance to every customer is the least we can do – loading of tickets, building & scheduling of reporting, and becoming an extension of your team is where we excel!
  1. Its onboarding process should be tailored to your needs.
Before you can run, you need to be able to walk. This means understanding industry best practices,  learning the tool, knowing what its capable of, and how its array of features correlate to the specific ticket management needs of your business. If you’re considering several vendors, be sure to ask about the onboarding process that gets you set up and raring to go. The extensive TicketOS onboarding process is always fully tailored to our customers’ needs, availability, and technical proficiency. No matter how you’ve been handling your tickets and entertainment assets, we’ll ensure your business understands industry best practices and sees value and ROI quickly.
  1. It should maximize value from every ticket.
The hallmark of the best ticket management software is that it maximizes value from every ticket your organization has acquired – not only those that are used, but also those that aren’t. For the tickets you use, the software should guarantee that the right people are in the right seats. It should additionally offer clear reporting that allows you to see ROI and utilization metrics. But what about tickets that aren’t used? A platform like TicketOS gives you the opportunity recoup your investment in a number of ways, including selling them on the open market or on our private marketplace, donating tickets to a local charity, or making the tickets available to employees to purchase for personal use. TicketOS has all this and more Now that you know what to look for in high-performing ticket management software, it’s time to see what such a platform looks like in action. So If you’d like to see what an advanced ticket management platform is capable of, book a TicketOS demo today.