5 Amazing Benefits of Ticket Management Software

Today, we live in an “experience economy”. This is because people are increasingly interested in having memorable and authentic experiences, rather than buying and accumulating more stuff. For businesses looking to close more deals and retain better talent, this trend offers a world of opportunity. For instance, offering prospects or employees an experience, such as attending a live concert or sports game, can result in a more meaningful and long-lasting impression. This is why event tickets are so valuable for modern businesses. When used strategically, they’re versatile assets that can lead to more sales, happier clients, and a more motivated workforce. But simply having tickets doesn’t mean you’re getting that value – especially if they’re sitting in a drawer or being handed out on a whim. This is where ticket management software enters the picture. Thanks to the range of benefits such software offers, it’s the best way to ensure maximum value from your tickets and entertainment assets. Here are five key benefits of using ticket management software:
  1. Save time and get more done
With ticket management software, you can store all your corporate entertainment assets in a single, centralized application. This makes it far quicker and easier for you and your team to see what tickets are available, and simplifies other areas of ticket management like adding or removing tickets. The time and workload savings with such convenient ticket access and management can have a significant impact on other areas of your business.
  1. Organize and distribute tickets with ease
Another key benefit of ticket management software is that it allows you to organize and distribute tickets in whichever way best suits the needs of your business. If you operate nationwide, for example, you can easily sort and organize tickets based on the regional location of the event. You can also easily allocate tickets to the people who need them, by sorting according to their role, business line, or any other hierarchy that’s relevant to how you run your business. This not only makes allocation easier – it also eliminates the risk of the wrong people ending up in the best seats.
  1. Automate ticket fulfillment
For large businesses with a headcount in the hundreds or thousands, even simple processes like requesting a ticket for an upcoming show can take a significant amount of time if everything is done manually. With ticket management software, you can use automation to remove unnecessary bottlenecks in the ticket approval and fulfillment process. That means no headaches, less emailing back and forth, and fewer steps between requesting a concert ticket and enjoying the show.
  1. Recoup your investment on unused tickets
From a financial perspective, any ticket that goes unused is money down the drain. The best ticket management solutions out there, like TicketOS, can help you mitigate these losses. That’s because our software gives you the opportunity to resell or donate your corporation’s unused tickets. If you choose to resell your unused tickets, there are several ways to do so:
  1. You can make them available to employees for personal use for free, at a discount or at face value with TicketOS.
  2. You can have TicketOS sell them through our private marketplace.
  3. You can have TicketOS sell them for you on the open market.
  4. You can donate your tickets to a local charity or have TicketOS donate them for you.
This ensures no ticket goes to waste, and that your company can recoup its investment.
  1. Reveal actionable insights with in-depth reporting
One of the most valuable features of a great ticket management tool is its reporting capabilities. This is because it allows your team to look past the day-to-day management and allocation of tickets, and consider the broader business impact of your entertainment assets. With in-depth reports on ROI, utilization, compliance, and finance, leadership can make informed decisions about your sport & entertainment tickets to maximize value across the organization. As you can see, ticket management software offers a range of benefits that can help your team take control of ticketing processes, distribution, allocation, and reporting. If you’d like to see just what an advanced ticket management platform is capable of, we’ve got you covered. Schedule a TicketOS demo today.